Houston, We Have a Trademark

We ran the gauntlet of opposition presented by a global corporation claiming our trademark application would cause confusion with theirs if used in commerce. We’ve resolved that matter.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) entered our trademark into the primary register as Registration Number 5,425,795 on March 20th, 2018.

Logo for tapABILITIES USPTO Registration Number: 5425795

The mark (((tap)))® is shown here as it may appear on a sticker with a blue background. Our customers will be granted use of the mark as an NFC indicator which will appear on all things we manufacture or adapt for them.

The Future is Bright

The future is bright for this technology. The future is bright for tapABILITIES, LLC. The challenge for tapABILITIES, LLC is the dangerous and perilous realm of larger companies which will:

A.) Unknowingly infringe but cease doing so when notified or negotiate a license for use to proceed in “co-opetition” engaged in commerce each with our respective channels of trade which utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC).

B.) Knowingly and purposely infringe attempting to steal our trademark mistakenly believing their money and their lawyers will enable them to do so.

Those in the business of providing products that function utilizing wireless communication require an indicator to visually convey NFC may be used to initiate the communication. Our early recognition of this fact motivated us to seek the trademark for the (((tap)))® indicator as a means to establish a dual function: as a visual indicator that some thing may be tapped and to establish the source of the commercial service tapABILITIES, LLC which makes it happen .

We intend to use the trademark to grow a company which serves its clients and customers well…