From tap))) to (((tap)))®

Out with the old and in with the new.

Our original logo tap))) was submitted to the USPTO as a trademark application. Once moving through several preliminary steps required to obtain a trademark a published announcement is made to a public resource called the Official Gazette; the last step before the application is finally approved and a trademark is granted.

If nobody opposes the application during publication the last step of registration will proceed to the primary register as a trademark allowing registrants to use the ® symbol with their trademark during the course of engaging in commercial trade. Our trademarked logo would have appeared as tap))) ®. Alas that was not to be as an opposer showed up during the last week of publication and everything got very complex and time consuming  really fast.

To make a long story short tapABILITIES has negotiated the use of a new logo which will appear as (((tap)))®. We have filed a Post-Publication Amendment with the USPTO to amend from tap))) to (((tap))).

Barring any further objections or other SNAFUs our trademark application will soon proceed to the USPTO primary register and we will be marketing the use of the trademark (((tap)))® upon our products or products we manufacture for our customers that will bear customer logos or other artwork juxtaposed with our trademark.