No App. Just (((tap)))®

  • Our Objectives
    This website contains forward looking claims and capabilities we convey to companies prepared to make the commitment to utilize Near Field Communication (NFC) to transform their branded manufactured products into real-time interative storytelling marketing and customer support machines.
  • tapABILITIES Design-Build Solution Providers
    We design and build new or existing things transformed into a taplicationSM  by means of NFC Integrated Circuits (IC.) The IC is embedded or surface mounted into or onto any inanimate object we transform to function as a wireless cellular network communication device.  

    That is, any SmartPhone that can be used for tap-to-pay can also be used to (((tap)))® on any transformed object and will instantaneously process instructions encoded into the memory of the IC launching any one of the the following objectives:

      NFC Data Sets - What functions and NFC tag can perform
      One of ten programmatic instructions a SmartPhone will automatically process when encoded into the memory of an NFC Integrated Circuit
      • To Summarize
        tapABILITIES transforms inanimate objects to enable people located anywhere on the planet to interact with a company by means of a simple (((tap)))® with a cellphone that loads and processes WWW applications and services without requiring any power supplies or applications installed on the mobile device. This is what we mean when we say:

      No App. Just (((tap)))®


      tapABILITIES, LLC, a State of Wisconsin Limited Liability Corporation, is growing a cadre of IoT designers and builders of hosted taplications™ which transform new or existing inanimate things integrated with Near Field Communication tags to function as network communication nodes.

      No batteries required!
      Better yet…

      No App. Just (((tap)))®


      The Gates of Hades

      Guarding the Gates of Hell EUROPay – MasterCard – VISA “the global mobile financial payment cartel controlling every bank issuing credit and debit cards” What have we done to ourselves?