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    • Humble Confession
      Much can be delivered now. However, this website contains many forward looking claims and statements yet to be implemented. The presence of big gorillas in the market compels startups such as ours to get ahead of ourselves by publishing “vaporware.” Put yourselves in our shoes…changing the world is not easy when the gorillas want to keep it the way they want it.
    • Design-Builders
      tapABILITIES™ will design and build your new or existing things which will be transformed into a taplicationSM enabling the previously inanimate object to function as a wireless communication device.
    • Web-To-Print
      tapABILITIES saves you money by not requiring you to use a 3rd party commercial printing service. The semiconductor manufacturers provision NFC tags with an optional printable sticker both of which are adhered onto a roll.
      NFC tags with optional unprinted stickers as typically provisioned on a roll by semiconductor manufacturers.
      NFC tags with optional stickers as typically provisioned on a roll by semiconductor manufacturers.
      NFC tags provisioned on a roll can only be printed with commercial printing equipment; a “short run” can be a minimum of 10,000-15,000 tags. Really.
      tapABILITIES will print any number of stickers for you or manage large print runs in your behalf.
    • Secure On-Demand Encoding/Re-encoding
      Our encode on-demand software service utilizes a trade secret we have developed to ensure all customer data encoded onto an NFC tag is 100% secure; we guarantee hackers cannot obtain public customer data from a customer’s NFC tag(s) which can be used to hack into our customer’s server or otherwise compromise their security.
      Even though the integrated circuit specifications allow an NFC tag to be re-written up to 100,000 times to ensure security every NFC tag that is encoded must be “locked” using the software required to encode the data onto the tag. Doing so guarantees the data encoded onto the tag will remain read only  in perpetuity.
      Once an NFC tag is encoded and locked traveling to where the tag may have been deployed remotely to re-encode data would not only be prohibitively costly but is actually futile because once an NFC tag is encoded and locked its data can never be changed.
      Be it 1 tag or 1,000 or more tags, our trade secret allows our customers to dynamically change the network communication enabled by their NFC tag(s) and to do so on-demand using our software that automates the process.
      tapABILITIES guarantees our customers each of their NFC tags are locked and secured. When choosing to do business with tapABILITIES our customers are assured they are never locked-in without a means to manage and control their network communication(s).

      If tapABILITIES were to ever got out of business all customers would lose is the use of our software services which at some point in the maturity of this means of network communication will be widely available; the wolf of competition is already at our heel.

  • Performance Analytics
    Our software services will include a robust tag management database service that records and reports analytical usage including where all of your tags are being used. We will offer an optional geospatial mapping service that shows you on a map where each tag has been deployed.
    Our software service tracks and measures performance of each and every tag to ensure our customer’s their trust in doing business with tapABILTIES remains a safe and profitable business decision. That’s the plan.


tapABILITIES, LLC, a State of Wisconsin Limited Liability Corporation, is growing a cadre of IoT designers and builders of hosted taplications™ which transform new or existing inanimate things integrated with Near Field Communication tags to function as network communication nodes.

No batteries required!
Better yet…

No App. Just (((tap)))®


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