Interactive Arts and Crafts: Learn How To Monetize Your Arts and Crafts With Your Smartphone

Its a class being offered by Clinton Gallagher, founder of tapABILITIES, LLC compliments of Michaels Art Supplies, Crafts and Framing. Sign up with this link or select the “Classes and Events” link at the top of the Michaels (Brookfield) website home page” and navigate to enroll.

So what’s up here?

The big boys stuck chips into all of our credit and debit cards. The big boys are sticking chips into and onto everything. Want to learn how little ol’ you can take advantage of the big finance boys who control credit and debit card transactions?

Yes, the big boys stuck chips into all of our credit and debit cards which account for card purchasing volumes that have risen to more than 3 trillion dollars per annum and they had to avail themselves of some means to do so. So why can’t we avail ourselves of the same?

Well, we can, given the know-how, the starting cost is approximately twenty-five cents. Yes, really. Pinky swear. Given the not-know-how? Well, all I can say is TAKE THE CLASS.

Historically, we have used our credit or debit cards to “swipe” the card through a payment terminal. The big boys put chip sets into their bank cards so we consumers can now also stick or tap; stick the card into the payment terminal or (((tap)))® the card onto or near the payment terminal. Given that fundamental fact every adult in America is now becoming aware of such change so it becomes reasonable to ask “If I can now use a Smartphone or a contactless credit or debit card to tap-and-pay what else can I use the instantaneous convenience of tap for?” (Heads nodding up and down.)

Clinton Gallagher will be your instructor to answer that question for you. For the cost of a large pizza with pepperoni his 2 hour classes taught April 27th and May 4th 2019 at the Michaels Arts & Crafts Supply Store – 695 Main Street, Brookfield will teach you how you can obtain and use a type of programmable electronic sticker to take advantage of the same wireless network communication technology the big finance boys use for contactless financial payments; Near Field Communication (NFC).

Does the word programmable make your leg start to twitch like you have to go potty? ROFL Like the banner ad on the web page used to enroll in the class asks, “Can you enter a cook time on a microwave?” Yes, it is metaphorically that easy. Pinky swear again.

Think of it like this; if you make anything as a hobby or if you manufacture anything as a means of employment you likely understand the value of spending money for classroom instruction. Michaels asks that instructors require class materials consisting of products they sell in their stores. A $7.95 bottle of decoupage will do but why that was selected to be the only required class material will be a hilarious surprise class enrollees will learn as we all share and learn together during class.

Remember not knowing what we do not know can be and usually is more costly than spending money to acquire knowledge leading to actionable experience making the work we do pay off. We used to call it bringing home the bacon before we were reminded that pigs have feelings too.

So are you ready to learn how spending peanuts for a class will teach you everything you need to know to go forth afterwards and obtain the raw materials with costs starting at a measly twenty-five cents (another pink swear) and how spending peanuts for a class will develop easily learned skills to use your Android or Apple iPhone and/or how any of the other 80 million or so other Android and Apple iPhones can now be used to (((tap)))® on things and connect to the WWW (FOR WHATEVER.)

Up until now folks such as yourself simply haven’t learned that the big boys of finance have actually made it possible for any of us to use the same means of conveying financial transactions that they use themselves; the same means they have no ethical or moral obligation to tell any of us about. The same means the class will instruct you how to obtain and use yourself.

“Interactive Arts and Crafts: Learn How To Monetize Your Arts and Crafts With Your Smartphone” is what it is all about ladies and gentlemen.

Sign up with this link or select the “Classes and Events” link at the top of the Michaels (Brookfield) website home page” and navigate to enroll. Classes are limited to the dates mentioned herein. We’ll try to update this post if and when new classes are available

Houston, We Have a Trademark

We ran the gauntlet of opposition presented by a global corporation claiming our trademark application would cause confusion with theirs if used in commerce. We’ve resolved that matter.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) entered our trademark into the primary register as Registration Number 5,425,795 on March 20th, 2018.

Logo for tapABILITIES USPTO Registration Number: 5425795

The mark (((tap)))® is shown here as it may appear on a sticker with a blue background. Our customers will be granted use of the mark as an NFC indicator which will appear on all things we manufacture or adapt for them.

The Future is Bright

The future is bright for this technology. The future is bright for tapABILITIES, LLC. The challenge for tapABILITIES, LLC is the dangerous and perilous realm of larger companies which will:

A.) Unknowingly infringe but cease doing so when notified or negotiate a license for use to proceed in “co-opetition” engaged in commerce each with our respective channels of trade which utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC).

B.) Knowingly and purposely infringe attempting to steal our trademark mistakenly believing their money and their lawyers will enable them to do so.

Those in the business of providing products that function utilizing wireless communication require an indicator to visually convey NFC may be used to initiate the communication. Our early recognition of this fact motivated us to seek the trademark for the (((tap)))® indicator as a means to establish a dual function: as a visual indicator that some thing may be tapped and to establish the source of the commercial service tapABILITIES, LLC which makes it happen .

We intend to use the trademark to grow a company which serves its clients and customers well…

From tap))) to (((tap)))®

Out with the old and in with the new.

Our original logo tap))) was submitted to the USPTO as a trademark application. Once moving through several preliminary steps required to obtain a trademark a published announcement is made to a public resource called the Official Gazette; the last step before the application is finally approved and a trademark is granted.

If nobody opposes the application during publication the last step of registration will proceed to the primary register as a trademark allowing registrants to use the ® symbol with their trademark during the course of engaging in commercial trade. Our trademarked logo would have appeared as tap))) ®. Alas that was not to be as an opposer showed up during the last week of publication and everything got very complex and time consuming  really fast.

To make a long story short tapABILITIES has negotiated the use of a new logo which will appear as (((tap)))®. We have filed a Post-Publication Amendment with the USPTO to amend from tap))) to (((tap))).

Barring any further objections or other SNAFUs our trademark application will soon proceed to the USPTO primary register and we will be marketing the use of the trademark (((tap)))® upon our products or products we manufacture for our customers that will bear customer logos or other artwork juxtaposed with our trademark.

USPTO Trademark Application Status

Our tap)))™ logo trademark application was refused by an USPTO examining attorney for Class 009 and Class 042 but approved for Class 016 and that’s actually good news because the application will be moving forward.

Pending any public objections (the last step in the registration process) and pending our successful defense to any possible public objections our logo will become entered onto the USPTO Primary Register.

At that time we will no longer need to display the logo as tap)))™ on products; we will be lawfully allowed to display our logo as tap)))® on products to indicate the trademarked logo has been formally registered with the USPTO for Class 016 namely consisting of printed products in the channels of trade which utilized Near Field Communication (NFC.)