USPTO Trademark Application Status

Our tap)))™ logo trademark application was refused by an USPTO examining attorney for Class 009 and Class 042 but approved for Class 016 and that’s actually good news because the application will be moving forward.

Pending any public objections (the last step in the registration process) and pending our successful defense to any possible public objections our logo will become entered onto the USPTO Primary Register.

At that time we will no longer need to display the logo as tap)))™ on products; we will be lawfully allowed to display our logo as tap)))® on products to indicate the trademarked logo has been formally registered with the USPTO for Class 016 namely consisting of printed products in the channels of trade which utilized Near Field Communication (NFC.)

Hello World

A picture they say is worth a thousand words. If that adage still holds true scrolling or navigating through this site will show a number of pictures of finished products or  elicit the creative spark of a thousands ideas we call “use cases” that is; the myriad of nearly limitless uses our products and services can be used for.

We’ll be following up with many more posts, articles and transformed things for presentation, for sale or for lease that are derived from creative ideas as we build out our platform of taplication℠ products and software services designed and developed by tapABILITIES™ artisans skilled in transforming inanimate things using Near Field Communication (NFC.)

Contact us if you are another artisan or an early adopter that wants to design and build with us.

It also goes without saying, we invite you to call us to discuss purchasing our products and services designed and developed to support your use cases.